My Work and the Environment

About Me

I am a self-taught artist, living and working in the rolling Howardian Hills, nestled between the windswept North Yorkshire Moors and the mercurial North Sea. Surrounded by such diverse environments, it is perhaps inevitable that my work is similarly diverse.

I describe myself as a wildlife artist but over the years have found myself stretching this definition to include anything in the natural world, which for me is an inexhaustible supply of captivating shapes, colours and textures. I even find myself drawn to the ancient architecture dotted around my home county of North Yorkshire. Such craftsmanship is the work of human hands but, by virtue of great art and age, now seems to have been embraced by the surrounding nature, each enhancing the beauty of the other.

Which is a long way of saying I paint local scenes.


I care passionately about nature. The biodiversity we see around us and rely on for our own survival needs our care now more than ever. It is a gift whose value is beyond measure and we have a duty to pass it on to future generations.

The way we choose to construct our human societies requires that most of us earn a living, which often conflicts with protecting the environment. Each of us must find our own balance with this.

My Personal Environmental Statement


The materials I use to produce original artwork do have a carbon footprint. This footprint is small simply because I use only a modest amount of these materials in any one year. Until carbon-neutral artist materials become available, I try to use suppliers who have a sound environmental policy and I am researching the best way I can to buy carbon credits to offeset my impact on this one unique planet that is our home.

Other Products

Greetings Cards
These are currently eco-printed on recycled card and supplied with a recycled envelope. The clear sleeve (if supplied) is biodegradable corn/potato starch. Further details can be found on the website of my current printer: A Local Printer Eco-Friendly Printing.
Wrapping Paper
Generally, this is always recycled paper and can itself be recycled again if you place it in with your normal paper and card collection.
Gift Tags
These are eco-printed in the same way as greetings cards (see above). The cord is usually biodegradable hemp or similar.

Supporting Charities

A percentage of every sale goes towards various wildlife and environmental charities. I haven't calculated the exact percentage yet but will attempt to do so soon. And I will also provide a list of charities I support.