Have you ever thought about owning your own unique oil painting or perhaps a drawing, created to capture a subject or moment in time that is personal to you?

How It Works

Commissioning your own personal artwork is as easy as sending me an email. Ideally, attach one or more photographs of roughly what you have in mind.

And we will simply begin an informal email chat, with absolutely no obligation for you to go ahead with the project. It's as easy as that.

Size and Materials

I can do any size you want, from tiny 15cm square studies up to striking canvases over a metre in size. For drawings and oil paintings, I prefer the surface to be at least A3, as this makes it easier to add the detail that I like to incorporate in my work.

I use only the finest materials. Cheap canvases, for example, are more difficult to work on and don't provide as good a foundation for the paint as more expensive (usually handmade) canvases. My preferred brand of paint is Winsor and Newton. These paints provide exceptional levels of pigment and lightfastness, ensuring the finished work will retain its vibrancy for generations.

Informal and Friendly

Commissioning a painting is not something most people do every day. It should feel special, and the process should be informal, friendly and even fun. And of course you should get exactly the picture you want, a unique and treasured posession.