Art That Supports Wildlife!

"A percentage of every single one of my sales goes to help the beautiful creatures without whom my passion would not be possible."

Welcome to my new website!

Patrick Ryder feeding wild swans in the Lake District

Here you will find original wildlife art. Over the years, I have experimented with different subject matter. Always, I find myself being drawn back to drawing and painting the wonderful creatures with which we have the privilege of sharing this planet.

I always work with the finest art materials. These produce higher quality art work and allow the true character of the subject to be captured. Using the highest quality materials also means the work will stand the test of time, with little or no reduction in fidelity over generations!

"I find inspiration almost everywhere in this unbelievable universe we all share, but I am particularly drawn to the natural world and have a deep fondness for the animals of the British Isles."

~ Patrick Ryder